State Rep. Lon Burnam

State Rep. Lon Burnam

In a letter to Major General John F. Nichols, National Guard Adjutant General of Texas, 16 members of the Texas House of Representatives asked that he begin enrolling eligible spouses for benefits.

Texas is the only state that is refusing to take applications for federal benefits. Mississippi and Louisiana are not taking applications on state property but are taking them on National Guard bases.

The 16 legislators asked Nichols “if you have been advised by the office of the Governor not to offer these benefits to same-gender spouses, please send our offices a copy of that communication.”

The letter was written by Democratic Rep. Lon Burnam, who represents a district in Fort Worth. Rep. Chris Turner, D-Arlington, is the only other North Texas legislator who signed it. Openly gay Rep. Mary Gonzalez of El Paso also is among the 16 signers.

Below is a copy of the letter:

Letter to TXMF on Same-sex Benefits