By John Wright – News Editor

Adams, Gulley arrested after Adams’ girlfriend tips off police; officials had not previously linked shootings, thought suspects were male

Jeromisha Adams, left; Britney Gulley, right)

Dallas police say two teenage lesbians are responsible for a string of shootings and robberies that left at least two people dead and a third blind in both eyes.

Jeromisha Adams and Britney Gulley, both 19, were arrested last week on charges of capital murder after Adams’ girlfriend tipped off authorities, according to reports.

Until then, police had not linked the crimes, which they believed had been committed by two young black males because of the suspects’ appearances, according to DPD Lt. Craig Miller. Both Adams and Gulley have short hair, and the crimes occurred at night, but Miller said he does not think Adams and Gulley were trying to disguise themselves as men.

"I think that’s just the everyday way they looked," he said. "They wore blue jeans rather than dresses and skirts."

Miller added that it’s "extremely unusual" for females to commit such violent crimes.

"That’s just not something that historically we’ve run across a lot," he said.

According to arrest warrants, a woman who identified herself as Adams’ girlfriend went to police headquarters on Oct. 19 and asked to speak with someone about a robbery and murder that occurred on Oct. 4 in the parking lot of a northeast Dallas apartment complex.

The woman told police she and Adams had lived together for three years and shared an apartment with Gulley and her girlfriend. Arrest warrants list Adams’ and Gulley’s address on Garapan Drive near Kiest Park in Oak Cliff.

Adams’ girlfriend told police she’d driven with Adams and Gulley to the apartment complex in the 6500 block of Melody Lane.

Adams and Gulley, who was carrying a shotgun, got out and walked to a parking lot just around the corner. The woman heard gunshots before Adams and Gulley came running back and yelled at her to drive off. Adams and Gulley had a man’s wallet and cell phone, and they were arguing about why Gulley had shot the man when she didn’t have to.

The victim — 45-year-old Jose Molina — had been sitting in a pickup drinking beer with two friends when Adams and Gulley approached, according to reports. One of Molina’s friends was seriously injured in the shooting, while the other escaped unharmed.

Miller said although the girlfriends of Adams and Gulley were with them at the time of some of the crimes, they have not been charged.

"After looking at the totality of everything, we elected not to," Miller said. "Certainly we reserve the right to go back and file charges on anybody."

Adams and Gulley are also charged with capital murder in the death of 49-year-old Pascual Montealvo. Montealvo was shot to death at about 10:40 p.m. on Sept. 27 outside the Crystal Ballroom on Northwest Highway, where he’d been attending a quincineara with his daughter. Montealvo had walked outside to talk on his cell phone when Gulley and Adams tried to rob him and Gulley shot him in the chest.

In the third case, Gulley is charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a pedestrian on Webb Chapel Road about an hour prior to Molina’s murder.

The victim, Carnell Pardue, was crossing the street when he was nearly struck by the vehicle in which Gulley, Adams and their girlfriends were traveling. Pardue then had a heated argument with Gulley, who exited the vehicle and shot Pardue in the face, leaving him blind in both eyes after surgery.

Miller said he believes Adams and Gulley may be responsible for other unsolved crimes in Dallas over the last several months.

A woman who posted a comment on Dallas Voice’s Web log Oct. 24 urged the LGBT community to pray for Gulley and to show love and compassion. The woman, who asked not to be identified, later said in an e-mail that Gulley is not the "thug" that police have made her out to be.

"She graduated from high school at 17 years old against all odds, from being homeless to staying from house to house," the woman wrote. "If it weren’t for her ‘gay family’ she wouldn’t have even got to celebrate that big event. She later went on to serve THIS country over in Iraq and saw things that no 18-year-old should have too [sic]. Her life has definately [sic] not been the easiest but she is a wonderful person thru [sic] it all. Smart, bright and funny she should have her whole future ahead of her."

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 31, 2008.
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