Four Texas schools, including two in North Texas, made the Princeton Review’s list of the 20 most homophobic colleges in the nation this year.

The University of Dallas came in at No. 8, Baylor at No. 11, SMU at No. 14 and Texas A&M at No. 15 on the list titled, “Alternative Lifestyles Not an Alternative,” which is part of  The Princeton Review’s “The Best 371 Colleges — 2010 Edition.”

It marked the second straight year that SMU was named the 14th most homophobic school in the nation. Baylor was 8th last year and Texas A&M was 12th, while the University of Dallas wasn’t listed in the 2009 edition.

New York University was named the nation’s most gay-friendly school this year, with no Texas schools appearing in the Top 20.

Each of the four Texas schools that made the most homophobic list also appeared on other Top 20 lists. The University of Dallas made the top 20 for “Least Beautiful Campus” and “Most Conservative Students;” Baylor was in the top 20 for “Most Conservative Students” and “Most Religious Students;” SMU was in the top 20 for “Little Race/Class Interaction;” and Texas A&M was in the Top 20 for “Jock Schools” and “Most Conservative Students.”

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