Scott Jones, pastor of the Cathedral of Hope-Oklahoma City, delivered the opening prayer Wednesday in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, according to this report on Jones’ blog, MyQuest. The Cathedral of Hope-OKC is a congregation of the United Church of Christ that spun off from Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope, known as the world’s largest gay church.

Jones reportedly had been invited to give the prayer by openly gay Oklahoma State Rep. Al McAffrey. At the close of the day’s business, McAffrey made a motion to have Jones’ remarks recorded in the House Journal. Because a Republican legislator objected to the motion, a roll call vote was taken, and 20 representatives, including the infamous Sally Kern, voted against recording the prayer. Sixty-seven legislators voted in favor of the motion, and another 17 were reported absent.

“It was an interesting moment, and rather chaotic,” Jones wrote on MyQuest. “One legislator commented, ‘We always enter the remarks.’ Others wanted to read what I had said, and came over to where I was and read my hard copy and kept saying, ‘What are they objecting to?’ Others came over to apologize. One legislator made a point of order to remind colleagues that if they were in the room, they had to vote, at which some of them fled … “

You can read a transcript of Jones’ prayer by going here. To see a record of the House vote, go here and scroll to Feb. 11.раскрутка в интернете