Twice as nice

Another journey into the heart of our gay metroplex our second annual Readers Voice Awards. It sure is a fertile and ever-expanding queer forest of goods and services.

Our voyage is centered at the new Legacy of Love monument, which sits at the corner of Cedar Springs Road and Oak Lawn Avenue. Since “Legacy of Love” is the gayest-sounding name we’ve ever heard (and we mean “gay” the way it’s used in the movie “Mean Girls”), we’re going with an image of its nickname: “The Green Disco Ball.” That image kicks off the RVAs.

It was created in Paris in France by illustrator Clare Louise Mallison, who to the best of our knowledge has never been to Big D. Working from photos of the Green Disco Ball, Mallison created a utopian vision of gay harmony: snow-haired leather queens, lesbian moms with strollers, spikey-haired queer punkers, Brokeback boys, lipstick dykes, interracial bisexuals The illustration is enough to scare the hell out of Ann Coulter, which is a good thing.

And from the heart of Dallas’ gay metropolis we look westward: to Fort Worth, Nevada, California and the Pacific Ocean.

Did y’all hear? The Advocate just published its first annual Best Places to Live for Gays and Lesbians. And Dallas made the Top 10 along with Lexington, Ky. ummm, okay. But hey, it’s all good.

For the next 50-or-so pages, there are plenty of reasons why North Texas’ gay scene is good. And by voting on that exhaustive 12-category online ballot, y’all decided what’s good except for a few Editor’s Pick write-ups (most of which were assigned because some second-place finishers lost by just two or three votes.)

So check us out: from Best Gun Store to Best Airport, here are the Readers Voice Awards of 2007.

Daniel A. Kusner

DANI VOTED, AND WON: Hanna cast her ballot. Now she and her sweetie, Anita, are planning a Big Apple shopping spree.

Lady luck kissed Dani Hanna this year. Her Readers Voice online ballot was picked at random, and she won two round-trip tickets on American Airlines. Where’s she going? Who’s going with her? Hanna answered some questions about her upcoming travel plans.

Who: Dani Hanna

Occupation: Realtor

Where did you grow up? California and Kansas.

How long have you lived in Dallas? 15 years.

When did you fill out your Readers Choice on-line ballot? About a month ago.

Which entries do you remember voting for the most? Food! Financial institutions and Realtors, of course.

In the past, how has your luck paid off when it comes to winning jackpots and stuff? Never. But perhaps I should pick up a lottery ticket tonight.

Have you planned where you might go with the winning tickets? To New York for a little shopping adventure.

Do you know whom you might take with you? My lovely partner, Anita.

Where is the most exotic destination you’ve ever traveled to? Italy and France.

What’s your favorite thing about leaving town? Turning off my cell phone and knowing my business partner, Grant Hudson, has everything under control.

What do you dread having to do in order to prepare for travel? Leaving my dogs even though they have a great sitter.

See the world before you leave it: Name three destinations you want to visit before you croak. Tuscany, Nevis Island and Kauai.


– Dallas Voice readers submitted thousands of electronic ballots. Over the course of three weeks, we determined the winners for 216 categories.
– A total of 2,407 ballots were submitted from Jan. 6 to Jan. 31.
– To determine winners, more than 16,525 sheets of paper were used in counting, tallying and printing ballots.
– Jan. 20 was the busiest day for incoming ballots with a total of 463.
– The “Dine In, Dine Out” section had the most voting categories: 39.
– Most Entries in a Category was for
Best Shopping Mall.
– Total ballots entered: 2,407
– The last ballot was cast on Jan. 31 at 2:40 p.m.

Lisa Rainey

Editors: Daniel A. Kusner, Tammye Nash
Writers: Daniel A. Kusner, Arnold Wayne Jones, Steven Lindsey, Tammye Nash,
David Webb
Proof reading: Tammye Nash,
Daniel A. Kusner, Lisa Rainey
Ballot tallying: Lisa Rainey, Donna Severs

Illustration: Chris Edwards,
Clare Louise Mallison
Photography: Daniel A. Kusner,
Tammye Nash, Arnold Wayne Jones

Production designer: Michael Stephens
Graphic artists: Michael Stephens,
Lisa Rainey, Jimmy Rainey

Sales: Leo Cusimano, Gary L. Karwacki, Chico Segura, Chris Edwards, Tony Martinez
Promotions manager: Kris Martin

Publisher: Robert Moore
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Circulation: Maryann Ramirez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 23, 2007 инструменты копирайтеракак продвигать сайт в социальных сетях