The wait is over! Resource Center Dallas has unveiled its 2010 themes for Gaybingo, exclusively on Facebook. On the off chance that you haven’t checked your FB Live Feed in the last 15 minutes, here they are:

Jan. 16:  Motown Gaybingo — Disco to soul. A night with the classics.
Feb. 20: Gaybingo Enterprise — All aboard, next stop EARTH 3010.
March 20:  Mad Hatter Gaybingo — This is one tea party you won’t forget!
April 24: ¡Gaybingo Fabuloso! — Latin spice and everything nice.
May 15:  Gaybingo Cabaret — Shhh, don’t tell Mama!
June 19: Red & Wild Gaybingo — The Gay Pride Red Party of the Year!
July 17: Not Another Gaybingo (9th Anniv.) — A campy, funny turnabout show you wouldn’t expect.
Aug. 21: Geisha Gaybingo — The art and life of immortal beauty.
Sept. 18: Gaybingo Glam — Fierce, Firery and Fashionable!
Oct. 16: Gaybingo Vampires — Things that go bite in the night!
Nov. 20: Gaybingo Picture Show — Science Fiction, Double поисковикgoogle реклама на сайт