Just in time for your Holiday shopping, today we released the 2011 version of the Buying for Workplace Equality guide. The guide offers  shoppers a perspective of how consumer based companies ranked on our annual Corporate Equality Index, which measures policies that guide workplace equality.

The guide breaks down products into easy to find categories and ranks companies into Green, Yellow and Red groups based on their scores. The system allows shoppers to pick products and companies that favor workplace equality and to avoid those that do not.

You can download the guide now at www.hrc.org/BuyersGuide. iPhone users can download the updated App to their phone as well.

Included in this year’s guide are estimated scores for companies that have repeatedly failed to respond to our workplace surveys. Visit our website to find out more about this years guide.

For those who want to do more to encourage companies to adopt fair workplace practices, both the web and iPhone versions of the guide now contain contact information for many businesses that are featured in the guide. Tools to reach out to companies are also available at: www.hrc.org/ConsumerAdvocacy.

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