RUNNING THE BASES | The Gay Softball World Series returns to Dallas.


Play ball! Native Texan Michael Sam comes out … then comes to Dallas (for a little while, at least) to play for the Dallas Cowboys, while Tom Daley, Jason Collins, Britney Griner and others make gays in sports a real thing, finally.

Chippin’ Dale: Dale Hansen defends Sam’s decision to come out before the draft and becomes a huge ally in the process. Not bad for a 66-year-old white grandfather in Texas.

It’s all about the basemen: The Gay World Series returns to Dallas.

Beer me: Craft microbreweries hit critical mass in North Texas. If you aren’t drinking them, you should be.

Ebola jokes.

We got Love: Love Field opens to long-haul flights (including newcomer Virgin America), and at almost the exact same time, the Light Rail arrives at DFW Airport. Hmmm … makes you wonder if the Wright Amendment actually kept that from happening all along.

At a Crossroads: Dallas’ Oak Lawn area is declared by The Out Traveler as the best gayborhood in America… natch.
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For the dogs: ilume Park opens as a haven for gay pet owners.

It can’t make you gay: Dallas Theater Center’s production of The Rocky Horror Show generates controversy when several critics write tone-deaf reviews, including an assurance that you can’t “choose” to be gay just by watching it. Uh-huh.

Critical mass:
In other critical news, several local chefs revolt against the major daily’s restaurant critic, and suddenly Dallas’ foodie culture becomes national news.

Buyer beware: Texan Matthew McConaughey wins an Oscar for playing a Dallas AIDS activist? Well all right, all right, all right…

Don we now our gay a-party: Don Gaiser’s Black Tie Dinner after-party returns following a one-year hiatus.

True country: C&W stars Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman come out as gay … on the same day.

Happy anniversary! Dallas Voice celebrates 30 years of publishing — hey, we deserve a shout-out, too, right?

— Arnold Wayne Jones


Sir Richard Branson made Love with a Virgin, as the Oak Lawn airport finally opens to long-haul flights.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 2, 2015.