Chief David O. Brown

DPD Chief David Brown

Chief David Brown has announced that a fourth officer is dead. Police have found a suspicious package suspected to be a bomb and the bomb squad is on the scene.

Two are in custody, including the person in the picture police released, identified as a person of interest. One of the protest organizers identified the man in the photo as his brother, and said his brother had not shot anyone. That man turned himself into police after the photo was released.

Brown has said that 11 law enforcement officers were shot. Three DPD officers and one DART officer have died. Reports indicate that a civilian was also wounded.


Robert Moore captured this — and several other images — of the officer with whom he spent about two hours crouching behind a car for protection during the shooting in downtown Dallas on Thursday, July 7. The photo has gone viral and brought Moore attention from media outlets around the country.

Former Dallas Voice Publisher Robert Moore was at the demonstration. He said he saw the shots fired and saw one of the officers go down.

Moore said he scrambled behind a car. Officers were shouting, “He’s elevated. He’s elevated.”

Along with two officers, Moore said he moved to the other side of the car. He remained crouched behind the car with two officers of one side and an officer with an automatic weapon on the other. While most people were on the perimeter, Moore was trapped in the middle with police.

Tactical officers and armored vehicles showed up on the scene. Officers began looking for bombs, which they suspected the shooters might have left as well.

Moore said he was trapped for about two hours, until they were cleared and he could leave the scene.