By David Taffet

Darrin Casola is the director of radiology and imaging services for Texas Regional Medical Center. He lives with his partner, Rikki, and their chihuahua, Teena. He has bowled with International Gay Bowling Organization leagues for 22 years.

How did you begin bowling and get involved with Oak Lawn Bowling Association?
I began bowling in OLBA in 1998 and have been a member of IGBO, the International Gay Bowling Organization, since 1986. I began in Washington, D.C., and have participated in Atlanta, Fort Worth and Fort Lauderdale. 

How have you seen OLBA change since you’ve been involved?
The gay bowling community has grown stronger and has more unity, better communication and fellowship, not only with the community but among ourselves. Our IGBO reps are our voice in the organization. They volunteer their time representing our city twice a year at IGBO Annual and IGBO Midyear. Brian Steen will represent OLBA this fall in Syracuse.

How did Big D Classic go last weekend?
Big D was an amazing success. Randall Buda and committee put on a great event with 47 teams from all over the country. We raised more than $4,000 for area charities and built on our reputation as one of the best events in our region. Woody’s bar was a great sponsor of our weekend. Jerry Ankenbrandt was the show stopper this year, bowling an 837 scratch in singles and averaging 251 for the weekend.

What is DICDT?
DICDT is the Dallas Invitational Columbus Day Tournament, the oldest of the Dallas area tournaments. It will be held over Columbus Day weekend in Irving. Joseph Pucket, Aricia Grant and others have worked very hard to put on this 18th annual event. 

What are the plans for getting the international tournament to Dallas in 2012?
The Dallas community is uniting to put together a bid to host the 2012 International Gay Bowling Organization Midyear Tournament. Our letter of intent will be submitted this October, and our bid package goes in early next summer. Our committee will present our bid the following November in Washington, D.C. We hope to bring 600-plus participants to our city in November 2012. Paul Burnett, Randall Buda and I will direct the bid with executive support from our secretary, Aricia Grant, and our treasurer, Allen Brown. If awarded the bid, we will host IGBO in Dallas for the first time since 1992. Fort Worth hosted in 2004 for the first time and that tournament was a great success.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 14, 2009.seo гугл