The world of fitness as we know it is changing. We plug in and get with the program to enhance our training goals. But technology isn’t always a battery-operated device or video game console. Sometimes even what we wear pushes us to a better game. Or at least more comfort.

Just because fitness is going high-tech doesn’t mean the old school stuff is any less valuable. What we know for sure is it all can kick our butt.

We spotlight gadgets and items in this special edition that bring a new edge to your fitness.

TECH SUPPORT NO. 1: Lose yourself

For the weekend warriors and more hardcore athletes, try a little GPS action on your bicycle to see your workout intensify. Garmin’s new Edge 500 Cycling GPS is designed to enhance those bicycle road racer workouts and mountain bike treks.

With performance cyclists in mind, the Edge 500 will not only mark speed, distance and time, it’s smart technology will track burned calories, elevation and temperature. It can spot changes in elevation using a barometric altimeter for an even more precise measurement of climb and descent.

On top of that, the gadget even knows when you’re moving but it’s not. Clearly, this Edge is on the cutting edge.

Retails for $249.

TECH SUPPORT no. 2: On your toes

If you last tried on rainbow-striped socks with individual toes when Godspell was new, trust me: Everything old is new again …. and surprisingly comfortable.

No, the new Injinji Toe Socks aren’t the knee-length hippie garb of your childhood but legitimate workout accessories in a variety of styles and, for that matter, purposes.

According to the press materials, putting your toes in form-fitting sleeves helps your foot perform naturally and increases pedal dexterity, promotes proper alignment and manages moisture. I don’t know from any of that. All I know is, (a) I hate my feet and loathe socks, but I actually look forward to wearing these; (b) they feel awesomely comfortable (in a weird way that takes a few hours to get used to); and (c) the yoga version, with ribbed soles for better gripping on your mat, are an improvement over bare feet or slippery socks. They also look cool, and cool is good at the gym. Anyway, there’s no reason your feet can’t show their Pride, too.

Retails for $14.

TECH SUPPORT NO. 3: Step in time

The Sportline 303 Thinq pedometer takes the usual clip style and flattens it out to fit in your wallet. But that’s when you’re done. Slip this into your pocket and it gets to work counting every step. It will also mark your distance and the calories you’ve burned on your hike. If you’re working through a designated exercise, it even provides a timer.

And if orange doesn’t match your workout gear, it also comes in blue and green. How’s that for some fashion conscious gadgetry?

Retails for $29.99.

TECH SUPPORT No.4: App time

iFitness seems to have it all covered save for the post workout shower. The beginner can learn exercise technique while the advanced can customize his or her workout regimen.

iFitness graphs body measurements, weight and exercise. More so, it offers plans to achieve different goals be it lose weight, build muscle or even fitness while traveling. The app then sends all your data to your computer to keep you on top of your progress.

Download for $1.99 at iTunes.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 19, 2010.siteсео методы