Banned South Carolina license plate
Sample of license plate similar to the one now banned in SC

A South Carolina license plate promoting Christianity has been banned by a judge. The license plate features a cross, a stained glass window and the motto “I believe” across the bottom. The plate had been approved by the South Carolina legislature last year.

The license plate shown above is a sample of a similar plate that Florida was going to issue but shelved last year, according to the New York Times.

And, yes this is the same South Carolina with the philandering family values governor who traveled to Argentina on public funds. The state whose unmarried Lt. Governor is being attacked in the rumor mill for being gay so that the pressure will be off the heterosexual governor to resign. And the state where Rudy Guilinani’s campaign chair called a gorilla that escaped from the Columbia Zoo a relative of Michelle Obama’s. And the home of Joe “You Lie” Wilson. And the two county Republican chairs who defended the record of one of their senators in a printed OpEd piece by saying he did a good job watching how tax money is spent just like a cheap Jew.

And why do I even mention these other South Carolina family values hypocrites? Because it pisses off that state’s tourism officials who come on our site and complain about what I’ve written disguised as “ordinary concerned citizens.”

I also like to reinforce just how important it is to get these people out of public office.

And I also mention all of these again because religious, right wing, family values bigots, if they weren’t so dangerous, just entertain me.

— David Taffet

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