With the exception of early Saturday morning, April 8, when all of the city’s sirens went off at midnight, response time for 911 calls has improved.

My 911 call in March that remained unanswered for 20 minutes and resulted in the death of my husband happened on a Monday night.

On Monday, April 10, 911 call takers answered 5,769 calls. Of those 94.95 percent were answered within 10 seconds. The average call answer time was 2 seconds.

From City Manager A.C. Broadnax, here are other call response times:

Sunday, April 9: 911 call takers answered 6,185 calls for service. The service level was 87.26 percent and the average call answer time was 00:04 seconds. Several incidents resulted in multiple calls; major incidents included the Mega March, multiple accidents and random gunfire calls.

Saturday, April 8: The emergency siren malfunction that occurred on first watch impacted the entire day’s service level. The siren malfunction resulted in 4,413 calls received from 11:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. There were several 15-minute intervals with high call volume — 578, 677, 797, 702 and 493 calls received. (Typical call volume during these intervals is 70 to 90 calls). Hang-ups were printed and calls were returned by other communications employees so call takers could answer live calls faster. The longest hold time was 6:05 between midnight and 12:15.

911 call takers answered 9,996 calls for service. The service level was 55.15 percent. Average call answer time was 0.52 seconds. Multiple major incidents occurred on third watch, including shootings and a major freeway accident with an overturned vehicle.

Friday, April 7: We did not experience any call spikes. 911 call takers answered 6,150 calls for service. The service level was 96.80 percent and the average call answer time was 0.01 seconds. No phone issues.