New York State capital in Albany
The New York State Capitol in Albany.

Although I’ve lived in Dallas for more than 30 years, I grew up in Yonkers, N.Y., and went to school in Albany, N.Y. So I’ve followed the marriage debate in New York with some interest.

My hometown paper, the Journal News, printed an editorial today titled “Justice Denied.” They point out that a recent poll showed 51 percent of New Yorkers favors gay marriage to just 42 percent opposed.

While I was growing up, Westchester County was quite conservative. More recently, that county decided to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere even before Gov. David Paterson issued his executive order recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages statewide. Guess Westchester isn’t so conservative anymore.

The Hamptons on Long Island are a wealthy community. The East Hampton Star printed an editorial called, “Albany Wrong on Gay Marriage.” They point out that same-sex marriage could pump $50 million in business and travel money into the state’s economy. Oh, so it’s about money! The right wing has been using the issue as a fundraising tool for years. It really has nothing to do with love or family or marriage.

The Albany Times Union called the Senate vote “New York’s Shame.” The editorial said the Senate voted to make same-sex couples second-class citizens. OK, so not such a hard sell in a city where the Republican candidate for mayor came in fourth in the last election and where McGovern trounced Nixon in the 1972 election. My school — SUNY Albany — reluctantly allows military recruiters on campus after the so-called Patriot Act forced schools to do so. However, the president of the university once told me that they always have the LGBT group seated at a table next to them.

The New York Times wrote in its editorial “Voting for Discrimination,” that Gov. Paterson was simply to weak to get the measure passed.

Long Island Newsday had rainbow flags on their cover.

Maybe these papers should have been more vocal in their support BEFORE the vote.siteоптимизатор web сайта