christian.jpg“Project Runway” may be the gayest show on TV, but not since Season 1 has a gay man won in the finale — until last night. Christian Siriano, the “fierce” (his favorite adjective) 21-year-old, proved to be flamboyant, bitchy, dramatic … and a decidedly accomplished creator of haute fashion.Could any normal person other than a drag queen every wear his creations while shopping at Albertson’s. Certainly not. And he got a run for his money from second-place finisher Rami, another gay man who never saw a Greek goddess he didn’t want to layer in chiffon. (Straight girl Jillian made the most wearable clothes, which is suicide on the runway.) We liked Christian. Ego aside, he made for fascinating TV and has mad skills. He’s destined to take his place along side previous “Project Runway” winners…. um… who won again last year?

— Arnold Wayne Jones 

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