On last night’s “Top Chef” season 4 finale, sweet-natured Stephanie bested arrogant Richard and squeaked by abrasive Lisa to win the title.

I was glad Stephanie won. Of the remaining contestants, she was the one I felt was talented and seemed like a nice person. And I was even more glad that Lisa lost; her scorched-earth approach to her competitors, annoying narcissism (she chewed out the other two for not congratulating her fast enough when she came in third the week before) and questionable culinary choices made her seem undeserving.

On the other hand, this marks the third time in four seasons of the show that the GLBT contestant — Tiffani, Dale, now Lisa — came in second. To be fair, Dale lost to bisexual chef Hung, but what are the chances that the gays make it so far… and then fail to pull it off at the end?

Ah, well. Being gay doesn’t make you likeable — or good at your job. Just ask Larry Craig. 

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