Palmer's e-mail

Elaine Palmer is a Democrat running for judge in the 215th Civil District Court in Houston. Her opponent is incumbent Judge Steven Kirkland, the first out LGBT judge elected in Texas.

Palmer is very proud of her broad community support. So proud that she has sent out an email with snapshots of her supporters. At the bottom of the e-mail is a picture of the “Nguyens, proud supporters of Elaine Palmer for Judge.”

Cute couple right? Tan Wei Ming, the Malaysian photographer who took the shot, thought so, too. That’s why he uploaded it to the stock photo site

Just think, for a small, one-time fee, any candidate could have the endorsement of “a happy, middle-aged Asian couple” and enjoy the same broad, grassroots support Elaine Palmer claims to have. Isn’t that convenient? At the very least it would seem to be easier than garnering actual grassroots support.

A representative from Palmer’s campaign couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.