Public Policy Polling is asking folks to weigh in on where they should poll next? The choices? Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Washington. 

The Poll is here.

I'm recommending you surf over and click “Rhode Island.” Here's why:

It's a very easy way for our community to put good (free) data into the hands of the advocates in that state to make their case to the legislators. It's been seven months near as I can see since we've had reliable polling in Rhode Island on the issue of marriage equality. In June 2009, National Organization for Marriage was up to their usual dirty tricks. They commissioned a poll that allegedly showed 43% opposed and 36% support.

Of course, this is NOM's usual nonsense and lies. The sample pool was probably culled from a Tea Party Convention. The last poll I can find was commissioned by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in July, 2010. A survey of 502 likely voters showed very, very different results:

“Do you favor or oppose allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally?”

Favor: 59%
Oppose: 31%

As the vote heats up in Rhode Island, surely NOM will be quoting their fake poll left and right. Unlike, National Organization for Marriage, however, Public Policy Polling is a well-respected pollster with creditability. If they were to release similar results at this time, it could well resonate with lawmakers who are on the fence about this issue. Fresh headlines of support can only help move that vote in our favor and marginalize the opposition.

Now, there's no guarantee that Public Policy Polling will actually ask anything about marriage equality. But with the battle looming large in that state, they'd very remiss if they didn't include a question. 

I've been assured that last time they conducted such a survey, they did indeed go with the popular vote winner. 

The Poll is here. It take just a moment to click on it. It ends Monday.

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