No, don't click there. Your degree would be as valid as these creeps are
No, don’t click there. Your degree would be as valid as these creeps are

I love hypocrites. Especially religious ones. Here are three stories from newspapers around the world this week.

The minister

From Fox News in Australia (Fox News, so you know it has to be true)

“A pastor who preached ‘no sex before marriage’ will fight to remain head of his church after being accused of having relationships with three women in his flock,” the Fox web site said. Well, at least he wasn’t violating his “no sex before marriage” rule. He had been married.

Apparently Bill Pryor, 69, had sex with three women in his congregation. Members of the church think he should resign. Pryor thinks he should be forgiven.

Even his son thinks he should resign. Guess he’s on mom’s side.

The priest


“Bishop Murray of Limerick Steps Down Amid Scandal” reports Zenit, a Rome-based Catholic news organization.

The Pope has accepted the resignation of Irish bishop Donl Murray, 69, of Limerick for “failing to adequately deal with allegations brought to his attention as prelate.”

A report released last month said that the bishop handled the reports of priests who are child abusers “particularly badly” and didn’t even crack down on the particularly egregious case of Rev. Thomas Naughton. That priest was convicted of rape. Twice.

The rabbi

And this from the Israeli newspaper HaAretz:

This one involves an Orthodox rabbi, Leib Tropper, from Rockland County, N.Y., and a woman from Houston he was in the process of converting.

In a recorded phone call, the rabbi demanded the woman service him and his friends sexually in exchange for her certificate of conversion. In Israel, only conversions by Orthodox rabbis are accepted as valid for purposes of citizenship and other legal rights. Probably because of their strong sense of heterosexual morality.

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