Here’s an absolute must-read from The Seattle Gay News about how openly gay man Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of, became a fixture on the sports talk show hosted by former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin and co-host Kevin Kiley on Dallas’ ESPN radio station, 103.3 FM. Dallas is the only city with a regular gay guest on a major sports radio show, and among other things, Zeigler’s presence reportedly prompted Irvin to come out in support of same-sex marriage.

“Most hosts don’t want to talk about gay issues,” Zeigler says. “Or they don’t have gay friends, or they don’t know anything about it. And, of course, most sports shows are just sports shows: ‘The Yankees won, let’s talk about it.’ This is a sports show about life.

“I can’t say enough about Kevin – who was raised in a white Southern household – and Michael, raised in a black ghetto household. No one clamored for them to do this. But they put their reputations on the line and did it – in Dallas. That says so much about them. All I do is show up.” seo продвижение недорого