I have to admit, I’m obsessed with Origin:Orphan, the latest album by The Hidden Cameras who are featured in this week’s issue. Everything about it hits the right notes for me. However, my interview with out frontman Joel Gibb was, um, interesting. In fact, it’s akin to the first minute and a half of their video for “In the NA.”

And no, NA doesn’t mean Narcotics Anonymous. Gibb explains the “na” as “a variable, like x, y, or z. It transcends meaning.” Of course it does, but it’s also a heckuva charming song. And while I don’t get the above video all that much, it’s fun watching. Plus, it gives you an idea of what to expect at tonight’s show.

I’ve been digging on Gentleman Reg‘s Jet Black CD as well. He performs in the same vein as Cameras which doesn’t surprise being a former member. But where Cameras is a bit abstract, Reg plays a in a more literal and perhaps even tender fashion. But “We’re in a Thunderstorm” is just a cool song and the video has a crazysexycool vibe. Check it.

And if I may introduce you to local band The O’s who are also on the bill. Hey, gay Canadians may rule the stage tonight but Dallas has to represent too. Don’t let the bluegrass label turn you off. The O’s have some good buzz around town and are, well, pretty much awesome.

If you’re heading out to Denton to catch the show at Hailey’s, be sure and say hi. I’ll be the one with the camera.размещение рекламы в яндекс директ