While First Baptist Church of Dallas and its pastor Robert Jeffress are busy telling us why we are not okay and discussing “what to say to a homosexual,” other Dallas churches — beyond those generally considered part of our community, like the MCCs and Cathedral of Hope — are rolling out the welcome mat.

Paul Cross sent me a message this morning explaining that as he drove home at lunch yesterday, he noticed this welcoming sign outside the Midway Hills Christian Church at Royal Lane and Midway:

It’s not the best photo (looks like Paul shot it through the windshield of his car), so in case you can’t read it, here’s what it says: “Where it’s okay to be who you are.”

I wanted to double-check, and make sure that this is a church that actually does welcome the LGBT community and is not condemnatory, so I checked their Web site. Sure enough, the church’s home page makes it very plain that this is “an open and affirming congregagtion.”

Here’s what they say: “The picture of our church family has many colors. We are white, black, brown, young, middle age, mature, straight, gay, questioning, progressive, conservative and open to you. A picture of God’s inclusive love for all.”

Check it out for yourself here.размещение объявленийинтернет-реклама новосибирск