7th most popular governor, Greg Abbott

According to a new poll by Morning Consult, the polling partner of Fortune Magazine and Bloomberg News, Gov. Greg Abbott is the seventh most popular governor in the U.S. Did the poll exclude people in Dallas or Austin?

Abbott has a 63 percent approval rating and 23 percent disapproval, with 14 percent who didn’t know, according to the Morning Consult poll.

Gov. Sam Brownback, who has helped destroy the Kansas economy with tax cuts and comparable cuts in services, education and everything else a state does, is the least popular governor with a 23 percent approval rating.

Daniel Mallot, the governor of Connecticut is second most unpopular and Gov. Chris Christie is third. As the “Bridgegate” trial continues and Christie’s popularity sinks, New Jersey’s Observer suggests impeachment may be a possibility.

Gov. Mary Fallon, the disaster at the helm in Oklahoma, is the 10th most unpopular governor with an approval rating of 40 percent and a 53 percent disapproval rating.

The most popular governor is Gov. Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota, and second is Massachusetts’ moderate Republican governor, Charlie Baker, with approval ratings of 74 and 70 percent respectively.

North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory is an interesting case. He’s the 15th most unpopular governor with a 46 percent approval rating and a 44 percent disapproval. He’s been working to destroy the economy of his state through the anti-LGBT HB2 he signed into law within a day of it first being proposed. He’s in a tight re-election race this fall.