Gov. Greg Abbott wearing his tinfoil hat until Operation Jade Helm concludes

The leadership style of Texas’ new governor is beginning to emerge: He’s all for local control except when he isn’t. He’s all for listening to the will of the voters except when he isn’t.

In 2005, Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and Abbott believes the federal government, especially the Supreme Court, needs to listen to the will of the voters.

Except when they shouldn’t.

Yesterday (May 18), Gov. Greg Abbott signed a ban on fracking bans into law. That law was prompted by a local election in Denton that banned fracking inside city limits.

The law Abbott signed overturns that as well as the decision of Dallas City Council to ban fracking in most areas of the city.

The will of the voters, it seems, should only be taken into account when the issue is something Abbott agrees with and should be overridden when it’s something he disagrees with. The governor is showing exactly how hypocritical he’s being by selectively pointing to one election as something to be upheld and then legislating away the voters’ decision in another.