Gov. Greg Abbott

Lost in the last few days of legislative maneuvering was an announcement from Gov. Greg Abbott’s office that Texas would work to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. That law was passed with bipartisan support in 2003.

Last year, Gov. Rick Perry said Texas would not comply with the law, calling it a “counterproductive and unnecessarily cumbersome and costly regulatory mess,” according to the Texas Tribune.

Members of the trans community have especially been calling for the state to follow the law, because of treatment of trans prisoners.

Log Cabin Texas president Jeff Davis issued the following statement:

The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas joins together to congratulate Governor Abbott on his agreement to implement the Prison Rape Elimination Act. This bipartisan legislation will help move the state towards the reduction and prevention of sexual violence in the prison system.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender population is disproportionately affected by sexual violence in the prison system. We recognize this as an effort that will benefit all Texans and again thank Governor Abbott on his efforts to end prison sexual assault.