EqualityTexasEquality Texas is urging people to contact House Public Education Committee Clerk Dustin Cox and ask him to schedule a hearing on a bill that would remove references to the state’s unconstitutional “homosexual conduct” law from curriculum requirements. Here’s the full text of the alert:

House Public Education Committee Clerk, Dustin Cox, informed us today that House Bill 1696 by Rep. Jessica Farrar had not been set for a hearing because his office had not received enough calls from the public about the bill. Dustin Cox may be reached at (512) 463-0804.

The Texas Health and Safety code requires the Department of State Health Services to prepare curricula on human sexuality and HIV/AIDS prevention that teaches that “homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle and is illegal under Penal Code 21.06.” Penal Code 21.06 was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 2003. Although unenforceable, the requirements in the Health and Safety Code remain the law of the land.

No child is “unacceptable.” Gay and lesbian youth are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide, and nearly half of transgender youth have thought about taking their own lives. Telling these vulnerable children that they are “unacceptable” is repugnant.

As the parents of children, as the children of parents, as Texans,  we must stand up against this unconscionable law.

Call Dustin Cox at (512)463-0804 NOW and ask that HB 1696 by Farrar be set for a hearing immediately.