Resource Center Dallas is calling on people to contact members of the Texas Senate Finance Committee and ask them to fully fund the state’s HIV Medication Program. The Finance Committee is scheduled to consider the funding on Thursday, according to RCD.

As we noted last week, a Senate finance subcommittee did not list the HIV Medication Program as one of its top priorities when making its recommendations last week. Unless the state Legislature provides an additional $19.2 million for the program over the next two years, the state will have to cut off enrollment or restrict access. The program currently provides life-sustaining medication to 14,000 low-income people with HIV/AIDS.

From the Resource Center moments ago:

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow the Senate Finance Committee will consider funding the Texas HIV Medication Program.

We must let the committee members know that if they fail to fund the Texas HIV Medication Program people will not have access to the drugs that keep them alive.

We are asking you to make three phone calls to key Senators on the Senate Finance Committee. The message is simple-

“I am asking you to fully fund the Texas HIV Medication Program.  The lives of thousands of Texans depend on it.”

Senator Steve Ogden  512.463.0105

Senator Juan Hinojosa 512.463.0120

Senator Jane Nelson    512.463.0112

We are asking you to make these calls now!  The vote is scheduled to take place on Thursday morning. In addition to your own action, please reach out to your networks: email lists, Facebook, Twitter, co-workers and friends.