Has anyone else noticed that the Lawn Whisperer is one hot bear? You know the guy. His face is on billboards and Facebook and sporadic commercials. The Lawn Whisperer looks like he stepped right out of the Scruff premium profiles or out of Bear magazine and into our hearts. I’m surprised the Dallas Bears haven’t latched onto him for public appearances.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem too often that a spokesman/model/whatever on TV is rocking the facial hair as opposed to some five o’clock shadow to imply sexiness. Props to whoever put this campaign together. They may not have realized they’d be appealing to the gay community, but they got my attention, I can’t be the only one.

Or maybe they did know. You could say they straddled the line nicely with a non-threatening, outdoorsy guy for the non-gays and a cuddly, well-groomed brawn for the gays. Mostly the ones in Oak Cliff with superbly manicured yards.

I’m figuring with these heat and drought conditions, perhaps we’ll see those commercials more often. The campaign is part of the Save North Texas Water initiative by Dallas Water Utilities. This is the group who educates about saving water, cutting utility bills and also posting watering restrictions for lawns — which is where the Lawn Whisperer comes in to save the day.

According to “his” Facebook page, he can “talk to your lawn. Really, I can….You can have a beautiful, healthy lawn and still save water. When you really listen to your lawn, it can tell you when it needs water and when it doesn’t. Check out my videos to learn how to talk to your lawn, too.”

In this heat, we’ve just given up on our yard of dried-out grass. But we’ll never give up on the Lawn Whisperer! Let’s just hope he still talks to ’em in the winter.