The surprises that a quick lunch can provide.

OK, so the junior high adolescent in me comes out every once in a while. I couldn’t help but snicker at the ad campaign I saw at Sonic today yesterday. Clearly they are gunning for a gayer customer. Right? Or is it just me? Either way, they won my colleague Greg and me over with these, um, encouraging posters. One of the servers was kinda snippy about us taking pics, but if she only knew that we are trying to increase her tips by spreading the word.

Of course, they mean their burgers.

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Bottoms up!
Well now this just sounds like a mouthful.

So thank you Sonic for teasing us with your juicy, tasty meats. We totally dug our Chicago dogs. Now if you could just extend that happy hour to 5 or 6, that would really help. Oh, and give your marketing guys a big, fat raise.