This was passed on to me from a friend and coworker who recently adopted two children and whose partner is in the process of completing a second-parent adoption of those children:

Texas Rep. Rafael Anchia of Dallas has introduced a measure, HB 2080, that would specifically remove the requirement that amended birth certificates for adopted children may list only one male as father and only one female as mother.

The bill has been referred to the House Public Health Committee, but for any progress to be made it must be scheduled for a hearing. Only the committee chair can schedule a hearing, and her name is Lois Kolkhorst, the Republican who represents Austin, Grimes, Walker and Washington counties.

Giver her a call at 512-463-0600 and tell her you support HB 2080 and want to see it scheduled for a hearing. You can also call Elliott Nashtat at 512-463-0668 and Garnet Coleman at 512-463-0524, both great allies of the LGBT community and both members of the Public Health Committee.
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