Little Rock, Ark.

The Advocate today posted its third annual list of the 15 “Gayest Cities In America,” which the national LGBT publication admits is totally subjective. The goal of the list seems to be giving props to some of the smaller, lesser-known gay-friendly cities, and the point-scoring criteria include things like number of softball teams that competed in the gay softball world series, transgender protections, and number of combined concerts by Gossip, the Cliks and the Veronicas since 2009.

I’d have to check with Rich Lopez on the concerts, but it looks like Dallas lost points for things like not having a gay bookstore, not having on out elected city official and not having a WNBA team.

Anyhow, according to the Advocate’s criteria, Salt Lake City is the Gayest City in America. And, having lived in Utah for three years, I can tell you from a good deal of firsthand experience that this designation is not entirely untrue.

The only Texas city to make this year’s list is Austin at No. 13, and Dallas, Houston and San Antonio didn’t even get honorable mentions. But the news is not all bad for our region, as I-30 neighbor Little Rock came in at No. 11. Little Rock? Yes, Little Rock. Here’s what the Advocate says:

The River Market District is the main gay area, and many businesses that don’t advertise as specifically LGBT are friendly and open. The compact city has Backstreet (1021 Jessie Rd.) and U.B.U. ( for the over-18 crowd, and those of legal drinking age can check out SixTen Center Street Bar, TraX, Miss Kitty’s/Saloon (all three at But not all LGBT life happens in a bar: According to, nine of the city’s churches advertise as LGBT-friendly. Amen!