The AFI Dallas International Film Festival isn’t all just screenings and parties — there have been some serious talk-backs and symposia hosted all week long, largely by media-types like Robert Wilonsky and Chris Vognar. (They didn’t ask me to M.C. any sessions, but this isn’t about me. Right now.)

That doesn’t mean the gay perspective isn’t covered by AFI … just not from a local. Corey Scholibo, the entertainment editor for the national gay magazine The Advocate, takes over moderating duties on April 4. He’ll oversee a conversation called “The Indie Payback Reality: The Real Truth Behind the Cost, Risk and Prospects for the Independent Film Today.” The discussion, involving producers both experienced and novice, will center on what to know before you start spending time and money on the Next Great American Movie.

You can enjoy the discussion from the pool of the W Hotel (they’re calling them Wet Deck Conversations) on Friday at 5:30 p.m. Online Games for Symbianанализ сайта проверка тиц