The third annual AFI Film Festival starts at the end of this month, and organizers have released the full list of movies screening during the 8-day event. There are many program categories, including local films, documentaries, a family friendly series and others… but no gay-themed films. That’s cool — it’s what we have Out Takes and Q Cinema for — but it’s difficult to find much gay content at all.

Granted, many of the 173 films have yet to find distribution and little is known about them, so maybe there’s more gay content than we can discern now, but with nearly 200 movies selected, there should be SOME gay stuff, right? (Last year, Dallas filmmaker Yen Tan’s  very gay drama “Ciao” was one of the standout films.)

SOME, yes. There’s “Valentino: The Last Emperor,” a profile of the gay Italian fashion designer, and… well, that’s it so far as I can tell. A movie with gay rights activist Charlize Theron and another with “Will & Grace’s” Eric McCormack are about as gay as it gets beyond that.

C’mon, AFI, show us the (same-sex) love!seo копирайтинг цены