love condom

AHF’s LOVE condom

AIDS Healthcare Foundation marks International Condom Day on Thursday with a party and condom giveaway beginning at JR.’s Bar & Grill.

AHF’s Raul Ramirez said he’s bringing red heart-shaped balloons to make sure it’s a colorful event. Everyone can get their picture taken against a backdrop with the organizations theme “Love is the best protection” and holding AHF’s LOVE condoms.

Every year, AHF distributes 10 million condoms around the world free. International Condom Day marks the beginning of the new condom distribution cycle.

Outside, AHF’s mobile unit will be offering one-minute HIV testing and those who test can “spin-the-wheel” for a chance to win up to $50 in prizes.

In addition to the party at JR.’s from 5–8 p.m., volunteers will be walking up and down Cedar Springs in “Love is the best protection” T-shirts handing out condoms.

Ramirez said he wanted to make sure people stocked up on International Condom Day on Thursday and are prepared for Friday — Valentine’s Day.