10176143_749468918408464_5830001402419559583_nAIDS Outreach Center is among 16 Dallas-Fort Worth area non-profits competing for $8,000 worth of branding, communication and media marketing services from Immotion Studios in Fort Worth.

The Mission in Motion competition is a joint partnership between Immotion and the Texas Christian University School of Strategic Communication. It is designed to help advance the missions and goals of groups to a larger audience. That audience includes donors, foundations and volunteers.

But there’s a catch: you have to vote for them every day between now and July 27. If they make it to the top five, they’ll advance for consideration before a full committee.

The second and third place winners won’t exactly lose either: they will receive 300 hours in services from the TCU School of Strategic Communication, one of the nation’s top strategic communication schools.

So set up a daily reminder on your calendar or phone, or cover your desk with sticky notes, or do whatever you need to put AOC over the top for this fantastic opportunity.