DFW Sisters will participate in the National Day of Service.

We got a very formal email from our friend Travis Gasper at AIDS Interfaith Network inviting us to participate in President Barack Obama’s National Day or Service — and a very casual, friendly one from Obama, signed “Barack.”

“Dozens of Dallas residents are answering President Barack Obama’s call to action and participating in the National Day of Service on Saturday, January 19 as the kick-off to the 57th Presidential Inauguration,” Gasper wrote. “Volunteers will spend the day at AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN), serving meals to HIV-positive homeless and low-income people. They join hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country in volunteer service.”

Then we received this from “Barack”:

“This Saturday, Michelle and I are heading out to events as part of the National Day of Service — and I hope you’ll join us.”

Barack wrote that he, Michelle, Joe and Dr. Jill Biden — why is she ALWAYS Dr. Jill Biden when he’s just Barack? — will be at National Day of Service activities and he hopes we will be too.

Barack said in 2009 on the National Day of Service, he painted walls in a homeless shelter.

“Joe packed his toolbox and helped Habitat for Humanity hang drywall in new housing in D.C.,” Barack said.

Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden filled care packages for our troops.

He sent a link to let us know what’s going on here in Dallas. Among the projects listed is Saturday Night Live at AIDS Interfaith Network on Jan. 19 at 3 p.m. Dallas Voice once helped host a Saturday Night Live event at AIN. We had a ball, met some really nice people and enjoyed a great meal.

This week, The DFW Sisters are hosting, so we know it will be a formal, somber event. Although the website says they’re at their maximum number of volunteers, Gasper said they can always use a few more. Just email him directly and let him know you’d like to participate.

Donations are also needed. They’re asking for potluck items, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, socks, underwear, cold-weather gloves, hats and toiletries.

To find other National Day of Service events, click here. Who knows. you might run into Dr. Jill Biden or Joe.