The Texas-shot TV high school football drama series Friday Night Lights — currently airing on NBC — will be shooting in the Cottown Bowl next Friday and Saturday and needs extras to fill the stands. That’s a lot of people. But you can go and actually help out the AIDS Interfaith Network at the same time.

Men, women and children 10 and older are welcome to come by either or both July 16 and 17 to participate. If you come, you’ll be expected to be there the entire day, which could run six to 10 hours and could go as late as 10 p.m. Snacks, drinks and even a box lunch will be provided.

So how does AIN figure in? For each volunteer who says they are there through AIN’s initiate, the producers will make a donation to the organization.

To find out more, e-mail Gretchen Kelly at

UPDATE: Resource Center Dallas is also participating. The contact person at RCD is Ben Leal at