albany-smuAlbany squeaked past SMU in men’s basketball Tuesday night, Dec. 20, but didn’t hold the lead. (From the picture and the headline, you’d think Albany won. Well, that’ll teach you to actually read the article.)

The game — at Moody Coliseum on the SMU campus — began with SMU scoring 9 points before Albany got on the board. But during the first half, Albany not only caught up but pulled ahead. That happened again during the second half.

But SMU held a slight lead through most of the game and dominated for the last six minutes.

Then, in the waning seconds of the game SMU pulled its rich white kid stunt that distinguishes the school from Albany. About a minute-and-a-half before the final buzzer, SMU called a time out. The school pulled its black team off the court and let its rich, white kids — that come from as far away as Highland Park and Plano — on the court. These are the kids the “real” team practices against. They looked nervous but managed to score a point.

Here’s the difference between the teams. Albany’s team is required to actually attend classes and students participating in Albany Athletics have an average cumulative average of 3.1. Go Scooby Doos. You made your Texas alums (and people came in from around the state to support you) very proud.

The final score was 71-53. Congratulations, SMU, on your win. Good game. Your Albany guests had a blast.