I’m unable to post the video on Instant Tea right now because the embed code has been disabled, but here’s a link to footage of the above-titled remarks by J.D. Anderson during Queer Liberaction’s Milk Box community forum last weekend on Cedar Springs.

“Attention alcoholics, functional or otherwise,” Anderson begins. “I have a confession: I like vodka. I love beer. I like pretty much any alcohol except for spiced rum. But I have a problem that doesn’t go away no matter how many drinks I have, and it’s the fact that my boss can fire me just for being gay, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Do you know how many drinks you can buy if you don’t have a job and no trust fund in my case? None. It sucks. The beauty of it is that alcoholism and activism do not have to be mutually exclusive. Let me share some of my secrets …”поддержка сайтов яндекс