Erika Slezak (seated center) returns to the show in the role she created during 'One Life to Live's' first season in 1968.Ever since ABC shit-canned the daytime soaps All My Children in 2011 and One Life to Live in 2012, there have been rumors the long-running, popular series would be back in some form or fashion. Well, that has finally come to pass. New 30-minutes episodes of both soaps will begin streaming daily later this month via Hulu.

Of course, the big question was always, “Will Erica Kane be back?” The answer to that appears to be “No.” Susan Lucci is not among the returning castmembers, although there are some holdovers, most notably another Erika — six-time Emmy Award winner Erika Slezak returns as Victoria Buchanan.

Producers promise “first-run, broadcast quality” episodes of each, starting at 10:30 a.m. each weekday from April 29 on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

All My Children was the first soap to perform a lesbian wedding, has had trans characters and was the first daytime serial to have a recurring gay storyline … way back in 1982. One Life to Live featured a “groundbreaking” gay love triangle while still on ABC, as well as airing the first-ever gay sex scene to be broadcast on daytime.