As you can see above, when I drove by this morning at about 10:30, a city crew was working on the crosswalk at Cedar Springs and Reagan Street, which has been busted since sometime early this year. Last time the city repaired the crosswalk, to the tune of about $5,000, a crew came along a few weeks later and mistakenly cut the wires running to the lights during an emergency water repair. The city subsequently announced that it would no longer be repairing the crosswalk because it was too expensive, which naturally pissed off nearby business owners. Then, shortly after a Dallas Voice story on the subject, the city had a change of heart and said it would fix the crosswalk after all. And now that this is finally happening, perhaps it would be appropriate to remind folks that just because those lights are flashing, it doesn’t mean motorists are going to stop.наружная реклама билбордseo продвижение бесплатные методы