David H. Grisham (from Amarillo.com)
David H. Grisham (from Amarillo.com)

David H. Grisham, a pastor from Amarillo, has launched a Web site calling on people to boycott Houston over the city’s recent election of a “homosexual” mayor as well as the construction of a Planned Parenthood headquarters there. From BoycottHouston.com:

Do you want a Texas version of San Francisco? Neither do we!
Do you want Texas to be the abortion capital of America? Neither do we!
Houston has elected an openly homosexual mayor and built the largest abortion clinic in the United States and you can do something about it!
While you may or may not be a resident of Houston and eligible to vote for mayor, you can vote with your dollar.
This is why we are calling on Christians everywhere to boycott the city of Houston.
We want to impose ‘economic sanctions’ on Houston, Texas!
Please make your voice heard and join our cause. By signing the online petition you send Houston a message; That you are tired of babies being
murdered and the radical homosexual agenda being shoved down the throat of normal society.
Texas is a Christian state! Help keep it that way!
Don’t mess with Texas or Texas children.

A Houston TV station got a response from Mayor Annise Parker, who was, as always, gracious:

“I trust that the citizens of Amarillo will make their own decisions about visiting us here in Houston,” Parker said. “I’ll simply continue to do my best to make sure that Houston is a great place to do business in and a great place to visit.”

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