That’s it! I am tired of the rest of the queer world ignoring our fine city, pretending we don’t exist, or treating Houston like some backwater hickstown, instead of the vibrant metropolis of LGBT life that it is. The lastest insult comes from which is currently holding a “Best of Gay Cities” poll to determine readers favorite cities in a number of categories:

  • Best Nightlife City
  • Best Pride City
  • Best Resort Town
  • Best Food City
  • Best Dressed City
  • Best Sand & Sun City
  • Best Settle Down City
  • Best Up & Coming City
  • Best City of 2011

In each category readers are given five choices plus a write-in option. Not one of the nine categories features Houston as an option, which as far as I’m concerned is a grave insult. (Even Austin gets a nomination for “Best Settle Down.”) The cliche is true: “it’s an honor just to be nominated.” Thus the corollary must also be true: “It’s a dishonor to not be nominated.”

While it might be tempting to launch a cyber attack on GayCities in retaliation, or start a boycott of American Airlines, who’s sponsoring the poll, I think the best response is to go to and write-in the Bayou City for your selections.