Dreamliner in Boeing livery.

Every time Dallas Voice participates in an LGBT consumer study, travel rates near the top of our market’s interests. Our readers love to go places. I am squarely in the “Love To Travel Camp” myself. I’ve had the good fortune to visit many places on this planet and have hopes to see a lot more.  Plus I’m a former private pilot. I know that “drag” is also an aviation term.

Consequently, when the invitation arrived to venture out to the American Airlines facility at DFW for a tour of Boeing’s much-heralded 787 Dreamliner, I jumped at the chance.  Only 11 aircraft have been delivered to customers with all of those going to Japanese carriers.

It’s quite cool to get to see areas of the plane you would not get access to as a passenger, like the cockpit and the upper deck crew rest bunks.

American expects to take delivery of its first 787 in the back half of 2014.

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