Singer Amy Winehouse was laid to rest today in London. Her official cause of death awaits toxicology results, which will take 2-4 weeks. But this story from ABC News suggests that it may not have been a drug overdose, as many have assumed. Winehouse could have suffered a seizure caused by asthma or emphysema related to smoking, or an arrhythmia stemming from an eating disorder.

Regardless, one Instant Tea Reader is taking offense to a drag performance on Saturday at Woody’s in Dallas in which performers reportedly mocked Winehouse’s longtime battle with substance abuse. DV staffer Chance Browning happened to be at the show that night, and he captured the photo at right of a Winehouse impersonator lying face down on the stage. Instant Tea reader Robert L. Dee wrote the following of the performance:

On Saturday evening, June 23, 2011, some friends and I attended the Comedy Roast Benefit Show for SheGotta Mustache at Woody’s. For the most part the show was entertaining, but a certain part should have been left out. To make fun of anyone who has died the way Amy Winehouse did was just too much. As far as we were concerned it was insensitive and very offensive. For someone to dress up like her and lie face down on the stage and make light of her death was going way overboard. I chose to leave at that time not wanting to witness this act. Drug abuse is a big problem in this community and it often results in accidental overdoses. For a bar in this community to make fun of it is really thoughtless. Maybe I’m being a little thin-skinned about this but I have lost some good friends to drug abuse. How would the people who put on this show feel if someone who had just died of cancer or some other horrible disease were put on the floor face down and ridiculed about how she or he died? The management of Woody’s and the people who put on this show should apologize for that distasteful act and should put on a fund raiser for D.A.R.E.