Taken from the comments to the post below, this was written by former Dallas Voice staffer and District 7 resident David Webb, otherwise known as the Rare Reporter:

Dear Ms. Davis:

As a former homeowner in District 7 I would like for you to know how dreadfully disappointed I am in you for failing to show up at the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade as you had promised. Surely, you could have called someone to tell them you couldn’t make it for whatever reason that might have been. As it was, everyone expected you to be there, and you just didn’t show. Former Councilman Leo Chaney, who represented District 7 when I lived there, would never have treated his LGBT constituency that way. Given the numbers of LGBT voters in District 7, you owe them more than that. Your failure to honor your commitment will be remembered, and I hope you will explain yourself in the days to come. What we have read in the Dallas Voice is that you have a history of not returning phone calls. This may be one you need to make.

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