According to a report by Reuters news service, a place called Wookey Hole in England is looking for a witch, and the pay is $80,000.

“Somerset tourist attraction Wookey Hole caves is advertising for a ‘witch’ and has already received 100 applicants since the beginning of the week. Legend has it that the caves, near Wells, were home to the Wookey Witch who was turned to stone by the medieval Abbott of Glastonbury to rid villagers of her curse. The vacancy has arisen because the previous incumbent has retired.”

Whoever gets the job will get to live in a “spacious” cave, will need to know how to cackle, can’t be allergic to cats and needs to know some magic tricks. They also stress that they are not looking for a “scary” witch, because Wookey Hole is a family attraction and they don’t want to frighten the kiddos.

Here is the interesting part to me: ” In keeping with modern times, the role is open to men, women and trans-gender witches to comply with sexual discrimination laws.”

I didn’t say anything about the job being open butch lesbians like me, but I guess I don’t care. I mean, who wants to move to England and tell people back home in Texas you live in a Wookey Hole?!обслуживание сайтов воронежпродвижение сайта в красноярске