Okay class. We have already talked today about the National Organization for Marriage and their ridiculous ad. We have seen one gay man’s response to it on You Tube and we have watched Rachel Maddow laugh at it.

Well, I just got word from the Human Rights Campaign that the audition tapes for the ad that they found and posted on You Tube had to be pulled because NOM had filed a complaint claiming copyright infringement. So if you missed the auditions there, you’ll have to watch the Rachel Maddow clip again.

But now, I hear that NOM President Maggie Gallagher is holding a press conference to announce NOM’s new inititiative. It’s called 2 Million For Marriage. Their acronym?


Yep. You saw that right! Apparently, nobody over at NOM has ever actually looked at the personal ads.

(Thanks to Box Turtle Bulletin for the heads up on that one!)услуги копирайтера в москве ценыраскрутка сайта анализ сайта