Anderson Cooper has been all over cyber-bullying this week.

First he took on Andrew Shirvell and his boss, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. Then, last night, he spent some time discussing the disturbing story of Tyler Clementi's suicide, sparked by the fact that his Rutgers University roommate used the internet to broadcast him hooking up with another man.

Cooper finds the entire situation "sickening." And that's putting it nicely. Dr. Phil, meanwhile, appeared to discuss what may have been going through Clementi's head as the story unfolded.

"This wasn't someone that just said, 'This is a gay classmate of mine,'" explained the doctor.
"This is someone that took a video of someone in an intimate act.
Doesn't matter whether it was a gay sex act, a straight — it doesn't
matter. I mean, that would be a horrible experience for anyone. And —
and to do that can be really devastating to a person psychologically."

Watch Cooper and Dr. Phil's exchange, AFTER THE JUMP…

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