Irion CountyFormer state Rep. Glen Maxey reports today (Wednesday, July 8) that the Anderson County Clerk will issue licenses, but Irion County still won’t.

“Got a report today that the clerk in Anderson will issue licenses,” Maxey said on Facebook. “Looks like no suit will be needed.”

Palestine, located south of Athens, is the Anderson county seat.

Irion County Clerk Molly Criner, however, continues to defy the U.S. Supreme Court. Irion County is west of San Angelo and southeast of Midland.

Maxey said he has a couple that will meet with attorneys, travel to Irion County and file a lawsuit against the clerk if and when her office denies them a marriage license.

Criner seems to be even more determined than Hood County Clerk Katie Lang that Supreme Court decisions she doesn’t like don’t apply to her. She posted her “Declaration of Obedience to Law and Defense of Natural Marriage” on July 4.

After a bunch of “whereas” statements that prove she has no idea what her duty is, including her “task” of “upholding” the “written United States Constitution,” she gives her “therefores.”

Here’s her declaration of war on the U.S. Supreme Court, a branch of government defined in that United States Constitution she understands she has to uphold:

Therefore, as County Clerk, I declare as follows:

1. I will continue to defend Natural Marriage as recognized by the People of Texas , in the Constitution and Laws of the State of Texas, consistent with the Declaration of Independence; the written United States Constitution; the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments; and higher Natural Law.

2. Natural Marriage between one man and one woman remains the law in Texas, regardless of any court decision to the contrary. Any court decision purporting to strike down Natural Marriage, including Obergefell v. Hodges, is “unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”

3. I, as County Clerk, in faithful execution of the laws of Texas, shall resist unlawful federal or state court encroachments upon the prerogative of the People of Texas to protect Natural Marriage, and shall only issue marriage licenses consistent with Texas law, so help me God.

4. With a firm reliance upon the providence of Almighty God and the support of my fellow citizens, I call upon all of the Officers of the State of Texas, the Governor, the Attorney General, and the members of the Texas Legislature, to join with me, and utilize all authority within their power to protect Natural Marriage from lawless court opinions, wherever the source.

Here’s the link to the full declaration posted on Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University website.